Mainland Company Set Up in Dubai UAE

Mainland Company Set Up

“Mainland Company” is among the most widespread forms of business in the United Arab Emirates. We offer all types of MainLand Company Setup Services in Dubai and all over the UAE.


An advantage of having this type of company is its competitive flexibility to other structures. The founders maintain complete control over management despite having a fixed minimal contribution of the total resources needed to form the business as a whole. The other investors are awarded a share of the profits earned; however, the division is not necessarily proportional to their investments.


There can be a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 50 shareholders in this kind of corporate structure and their liabilities are limited to the amount of their respective contribution of shares in the capital.


Most investors opt for Mainland company formation in UAE because this corporate structure allows foreign investors to hold the maximum legal percentage of ownership and it grants the company a trading license coming directly from the government of the respective Emirate where the company is located.



We provide Mainland Business Setup consultation and support to clients wishing to opt for Mainland Company in Dubai and are well-experienced in the startup and formation processes for the same.  For any queries related to Mainland Business setup services in UAE feel free to contact us.