About MIB corporate Services provider

With the combined expertise and determination of Mr. Abdulmoniem Nossier and Mr. Khaled Farhan, SME or Small to Medium Enterprises is what it is today. SME is a company that provides credible information that helps enterprises to fulfill their goals and requirements in establishing their brand.

Through SME’s assistance, we give organizations a fair chance to grow in their chosen field – and set their business anywhere in the UAE. We have the capability to give you all the resources and services needed for startup businesses – including company formation, corporate services, and accounting and audit rules in the UAE.

We take pride in valuing transparency, trust, reliability, and support to our clients. We focus in delivering swift actions and solutions to them to save their time. From the moment you decide to seek our service, we guarantee that we will give you continued assistance to all your queries regarding the project we’ll do together, focusing on profitability and development.


Our mission is to become a prominent large-scale business setup company in the UAE, with a reasonable number of faithful clients.


Our vision is to expand and grow – to be able to deliver our services in the international scene and more importantly, help thousands of businesses to grow locally in the UAE, making it a place full of successful enterprises.


  • Efficiency
  • Speed of delivery
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Long-lasting relationships
for only
8,000 AED
for only
8,000 AED

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Bringing Creativity to life

Our strategies at SME are quite simple, but we ensure that these are effective ways to help our clients with their required assistance.

We take immediate action and we follow up with every step of the project, guaranteeing that our clients will be equipped with their needed clear and concise information. Moreover, we intend to have a continual communication with our clients, always ready to respond to all their inquiries and demand; hence finish our projects right on time in a way that it’s more convenient for our clients.

Additionally, we also value the importance of systematic documentation to secure the confidentiality of our clients’ information. We guarantee that the hard and soft copies of the documents are stored in a safe place; inaccessible to anyone from outside the company.