Auditing Firm in Dubai UAE

Audit services

At SME, we give comprehensive TAX Advice & Consultancy Support in Dubai including VAT registration/de-registration, preparation/review of VAT returns and assistance in Tax accounting. Also, we provide assurance that VAT liabilities are paid timely, correctly, and through the correct mechanism.


Through our TAX Advice & Consultancy Support, we can discuss all the possible plans, stratagems, and methodologies that you need on order to reach your business’ goals and objectives. 


Our team’s knowledge on TAX, VAT, and all transactions are unsurpassed. You would need our assistance on this matter so that you will be informed with all the rules and tax opportunities that you should know from the start.



With our TAX Advice & Consultancy Support in Dubai, you can guarantee that we’ll help you navigate through your success and take care of the complex taxation procedures that you will need in your business.