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14 March

Why Dubai?

Why is Dubai the best place to start your own business?

The ultimate goal of any investor is to make profits. Therefore, all that concerns the investor is “stability”, whether the political or economic stability of the country. In other words, it’s very hard for any investment to succeed in a country where security is threatened and political conditions are unstable. These two elements are the worst enemy of investments. That’s why it’s always better to seek a safe country where the profits of your investment can be doubled. This is the simplest mechanism of choosing the best place for your business.

The UAE is the number one Arab country in terms of the ease of doing business

Facilitating legal procedures for investments can greatly contribute to their success. Bureaucracy and centralism have always hindered the success of investments. The UAE has been keen on rejecting all these long, complicated procedures. Therefore, according to a report published by the World Bank for Doing Business in 2019, the UAE was the first Arab country in the Ease of Doing Business Index. It also ranked 11th globally.

Ensure the growth of your business in the future

Dubai has proven to be a city that provides an environment of efficiency and safety for fast growth. This is due to the fact that Dubai is a leading city in the field of innovation and an international centre where both the East and the West meet. In addition, it hosts some of the world’s largest economies. Dubai always aspires to be among the top five global centres of business, transportation, supply, tourism, and finance. Moreover, Dubai is internationally recognized as a leading financial and commercial centre at the heart of the global Islamic economy.

Expand your business with the help of Dubai’s perfect location

Investments in Dubai have been greatly successful in the past five decades, and they are still growing steadily to this day. One of the secrets of this success can be attributed to Dubai’s strategic geographic location between the growing economies of the East, on the one hand, and the usual supply and demand in the West, on the other hand. One-third of the world’s population lives four hours away (by plane) from Dubai, while two-thirds live eight hours away.

Technological development in Dubai

Dubai is currently exploring and promoting the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in cooperation with the world’s leading technology providers. The Internet of Things project, which represents the basis of information and communications technology in the region, is what makes Dubai the centre of digital experiences in IT fields and the leader of pioneering initiatives.

Based on the “UAE Vision 2021”, Dubai aims to become a global hub for innovation, where research, science and technology are the pillars of a knowledge-based economy that reaches the highest levels of productivity and competitiveness. It should be noted that a group of business owners support this goal, as public and private sectors build effective partnerships.

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